What is a ReCODE Report?

A ReCODE report is an individualized document based on the analysis of many biometric and genetic data sets using a software developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD. When an individual wants to fully implement the Bredesen Protocol, it is recommended that they obtain a ReCODE report, which identifies the drivers of their personal cognitive decline, or risk for cognitive decline, and the basic steps they need to take in order to reverse their cognitive symptoms or risks for developing symptoms. The ReCODE software does this through a complex algorithm that is able to analyze the many data points entered into the software system, revealing the answer to why neurodegeneration is occurring, and then create a personalized, programmatic approach that is targeted to the underlying pathophysiology for the particular individual.

How can I get a ReCODE report?

A ReCODE report is a physical document that can currently be obtained through Apollo Health for a fee. We encourage our clients to obtain a ReCODE report if they are able to do so. The data sets included in the ReCODE report are great measures for objectively tracking improvement and allow us to individualize the general aspects of the Bredesen Protocol to meet our clients’ specific needs. Visit our Pricing page for more information about our comprehensive services which include the review of your ReCODE report by an Amos Institute dietitian and personalized assistance with modifying the nutrition and lifestyle components of the Bredesen Protocol to address your unique pathophysiology based on your report.

The first step in obtaining a ReCODE report is to get the full set of laboratory tests. Apollo Health now offers this directly to the consumer, meaning that once you pay their fee for your ReCODE report, you will be directed to a phlebotomy center near you who will run these tests for you. Obtaining the lab tests in this fashion is much easier on the client because many of the labs tested are unfamiliar to conventionally trained medical doctors. Once these labs have been completed, the ReCODE report is automatically generated and sent directly to you.

While the ReCODE report is an incredibly valuable resource that many of our clients choose to invest in, it is not a requirement to obtain a ReCODE report in order to participate in the Amos Institute Cognitive Health Program. We understand that some of our clients are unable to obtain a ReCODE report for a variety of reasons, and thus are more than happy to work with you regardless of whether or not you choose to obtain one.

What is the difference between the Bredesen Protocol and the ReCODE Protocol?

There is no difference between the Bredesen Protocol and the ReCODE Protocol. The Bredesen Protocol is now often referred to as the ReCODE Protocol because its full implementation requires a ReCODE report and a practitioner trained in the ReCODE data sets and software. If you are in a program to implement the Bredesen Protocol, such as the Amos Institute, you are also implementing the ReCODE Protocol.

There is also some confusion over the term ‘Cognoscopy.’ Dr. Bredesen has used this term to describe a full work up of cognitive health and function. This is certainly important for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but it is also important for those at risk of neurodegenerative disease because it can serve as a comprehensive baseline. Obtaining a ReCODE report is one way (and the recommended way) to obtain a ‘Cognoscopy’ because the ReCODE report is a full work up of your cognitive health and function.

Dr. Bredesen’s journey through the discovery of the science and research of Alzheimer’s disease has yielded many preliminary versions of what is now the Bredesen Protocol or Recode Protocol. His proposal to reverse cognitive decline using a personalized, programmatic approach was initially called the MEND Protocol, an acronym for ‘metabolic enhancement of neurodegeneration’. The algorithm and data sets included in the ReCODE have expanded significantly since that time, and that name is generally no longer used in respect to Dr. Bredesen’s work. Dr. Bredesen has also associated with and offered the ReCODE reports through several companies over the years, including MPI Cognition, AHNP Precision Health, and currently, Apollo Health.