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The Amos Institute specializes in the implementation of the Bredesen Protocol from MPI Cognition, the first program in the world shown to prevent and reverse cognitive decline.

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Our intensive program includes these core services:
Amos Institute Services

Alzheimer's disease can be stopped and reversed

The Amos Institute offers a one year program of personalized consultations and intensive proprietary curriculum that begins with a comprehensive assessment of you and your lifestyle. During our initial assessment we analyze your current nutrition, exercise, sleep status, and stress level as it pertains to the Bredesen Protocol. By enrolling with the Amos Institute, you and our Institute commit to taking the time and making every effort to reverse your Alzheimer's or cognitive decline and put you back in state of mental and physical health.

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Amylee Amos & Dale Bredesen

A Revolutionary Approach

Through a complex genetic, biochemical and holistic approach, this revolutionary protocol developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen optimizes many different metabolic and genetic parameters to enhance cognition and reverse cognitive decline. The Amos Institute specializes in assisting clients in the implementation of the groundbreaking Bredesen Protocol from MPI Cognition which has been shown to reverse Alzheimer's disease.

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The journey to coginitive recovery starts now.