The economic cost of Alzheimer’s on a family is staggering. The emotional cost on caregivers and family members is even greater. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the average financial cost of a nursing home alone is $92,378 per year. This outstanding financial expense is without all of the additional costs associated with treatments, hospital visits, and more. The cost to fight this disease and to do everything you can to restore your cognitive health to the fullest extent possible is a fraction of that cost.

ReCODE Analysis with Nutrition Assessment

This package allows a client to obtain a ReCODE report and a nutritional assessment.

The package includes four 50 minute sessions with a dietitian, which can be done either in person or via video conferencing. During these sessions you receive a nutrition and lifestyle assessment. We will assist you in the processing of one ReCODE report and review your labs. This package does not include any follow-up email or phone correspondence and the 4 sessions must be completed within four months of the start of your assessment.

One Time Hourly Consultation

This is a 60 minute consultation that is done with one of our dietitians, either in person or via video conferencing.

It includes a general nutrition and lifestyle assessment, and general discussion about how to implement the Bredesen Protocol into your life. This consultation does not include a review of any labs or medical records, it does not include a ReCODE report, and it does not include any follow-up email or phone correspondence. Many of our clients purchase this one time consultation to determine if the Bredesen Protocol is the best program for them. This one hour consultation can only be done one time. We do not offer hourly consultations other than this one time consultation.

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