If you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive loss, you know the seriousness of the situation. If you are committed to doing everything you can to try and stop your Alzheimer’s or dementia, the Amos Institute is here to help. Our program does not rely on the failed medications currently prescribed by physicians, which provide little or no help to Alzheimer's patients. Our program offers you an intensive year long curriculum of lifestyle changes, which are designed by your personalized ReCODE report from MPI Cognition. Our program aims to help rebuild your mental inventory, restore your good health, and begin your road to cognitive recovery.

Our Program

The program begins with a comprehensive assessment of you and your lifestyle. During our initial assessment, we analyze your current nutrition, exercise, sleep status, and stress levels as it relates to the Bredesen Protocol. Next we analyze your biochemical and genetic profile, along with consideration of any pre-existing conditions, and we assist you and your physician in obtaining a ReCODE report from MPI Cognition, which is the foundation of your personalized Bredesen Protocol. Using your ReCODE report, the Amos Institute will develop an individualized program for implementation of your personalized Bredesen Protocol to begin your cognitive improvement. By enrolling with the Amos Institute, you and our Institute commit to taking the time and making every effort to reverse your cognitive decline and put you back in a state of mental and physical health.

Your program will include sessions with a registered dietitian to make sure you are fully motivated and are closely following your ReCODE protocol. A personalized nutrition plan is designed to optimize insulin sensitivity, reduce chronic inflammation, and allow you to achieve a healthy weight status. You will receive an exercise program that will include specific types of exercises to include into your daily routine. We will exercise your brain using innovative programs and activities that enhance brain function. We will perfect your sleep habits to ensure you achieve regular, restful sleep that allows your brain to self heal. We will provide you with opportunities to reduce chronic stress by helping you find methods of stress reduction as well as enhancing joy in your life.