Our Services

Comprehensive Evaluation

Your program begins with a comprehensive health assessment and evaluation. During this initial meeting, we will gather copious information from you regarding your nutrition habits, culinary familiarity and cooking skills, current exercise regimen and physical capabilities, stress level, and sleep routine. We will review with you a number of health history questions, which are needed to properly complete your ReCODE report. When necessary, we will complete a nutrition focused physical exam. Additionally, we will perform a short mental status exam to determine your baseline cognitive state. We will use the information that you provide to begin to create a personalized program that specifically fits your needs. Recommendations that we will make over the course of the year will take into consideration all that you have told us about your lifestyle to allow the lifestyle changes to become sustainable and long lasting.

Restorative Curriculum

The curriculum serves as the backbone of your program. Every week, you will receive two proprietary videos that the Amos Institute has created and recorded specifically to help ease you into the implementation of the Bredesen Protocol. The videos are between 5-15 minutes in length. Each week the videos cover a new topic, and along with the new topic you will receive a series of resources and additional information, should you want to dive further into the material and science behind that topic. The videos cover the generalized aspects of the program. This means that the videos cover all of the many things like nutrition, exercise, brain training, stress management, and sleep optimization, that anyone following the Bredesen Protocol needs to do. In your one on one counseling sessions, we cover the aspects of the protocol specific to you.

1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Once a month, you will meet with a registered dietitian for a personalized, fifty minute one on one nutrition and lifestyle counseling session. During this time, we will address any questions that you have and help you troubleshoot issues that have come up over the course of the month. We will discuss together all of the changes that have been addressed in the curriculum over the previous month and make modifications to optimize those changes based on your individual needs. Once completed, we will also review your ReCODE report during these sessions and address your specific recommendations regarding supplementation. We will provide you with a customized supplement resource to take the guesswork out of ordering and taking your supplements.

Prescriptive Meal Planning

Your personal nutrition prescription will be highly customized based on your biochemistry and genomic information. Unlike many nutrition programs, we will not simply hand you a month long meal plan and expect you to follow it, as the outcomes from these types of programs have very poor adherence. Rather, we will teach you all you need to know so that you can create these types of meal plans for yourself- a skill that will yield much more long lasting results. We use the most current research regarding genetics and nutrigenomics to create a meal planning program for you that will help you turn on favorable genes and turn off unfavorable genes. We do this through optimizing your epigenetic makeup using a process called methylation. We will explain the details behind this in far greater detail during your one on one counseling sessions and through the course of the curriculum.